In September 2014, CSC, acquired a shuttered recycled light-weight coated paper mill in nearby Alsip, Illinois, and invested in its conversion to meets its need for corrugating medium.

Since January 2016, the Alsip MiniMill, LLC (AMM) team has worked together to safely produce high-quality, 100% recycled corrugating medium for CSC and select trading partners, creating long-term value for our parent company and our team members.


CSC was started in 1964 by S. Richard Van Horne Sr. in Bedford Park, Illinois. With the launch of The Colors of Vancraft and CSC’s proprietary online ordering system, CSC Live, in the 1990s, CSC solidified its position as an industry leader in innovation. In 2002, John Potocsnak took a controlling interest in CSC and has led CSC’s growth nationwide. In 2015, CSC acquired Alsip MiniMill to expand its presence within the supply chain with the focus on producing 100% recycled medium for CSC’s network of corrugators.

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