Product Specifications

Color & Pre-Printed Sheets

CSC is an industry leader in the production of pre-printed sheets for point of purchase (POP) displays and packaging. Our customer service team ensures remarkably fast turnarounds, uncompromised color matching capabilities and cost-effective full coverage and logo options. With an on-site ink kitchen and professionally trained Ink Technicians present for all production, along with a dedicated Color Sales and Customer Service staff, your purchasing experience will be guided the entire process from design to delivery. Aside from our years of experience and improvements, purchasing your pre-printed corrugated sheets from CSC offers you plenty of advantages. With our pre-printed processes you will see:

  • Removes the stress, potential strength degradation, and extra steps of in-house post-printing
  • Order exact quantities to avoid excess trim and waste
  • Your sheets arrive ready for die-cutting, eliminating a production step
  • Rapid turnaround on customized quotes, drawdowns, and color matches
  • Short lead times
Cost Savings
  • No print die costs
  • Eliminate print machine time & wear and tear on your equipment
  • Zero leftover ink or unnecessary trim
  • Increase plant throughput
Exceptional Capabilities
  • Printing available on a diverse array of substrates
  • Ultimate accuracy is ensured through a visual color check and spectrophotometer check
  • 2 print stations providing the option for varnish or a second pass of color
  • Color consistency from order-to-order
  • Full coverage and logo print options available, depending on your needs
  • SFI certified board
  • No flute lines or strength degradation
  • On-Site Ink Kitchen and Ink Technician to oversee all color production runs

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